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Frequently Asked Question

What make G_Solutions different to other consulting companies?

The combination of broad experience and deep know how in whole sale and retail operations mixed with longtime management in Asia is the USP of G_Solutions.

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Can G_Solutions offer support in all business areas?

G_Solutionsoffers marketing- and sales oriented business solutions for their clients, but we cooperate with experienced and knowledgeable partners in Europe and Asia. With this web of experts we can fine tune the support for our clients individual situations and needs.

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What can g_solution do for my company?

G_Solutions is convinced that in modern business efficiency is the most important strategic direction.

For our clients g solutions will focus on the improvement of the organization’s efficiency (in whole sales and retail), supporting and forcing the company’s business units to new and different thinking, using the broad experience and deep know how of more than 30 years in management of different business units in different countries.

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Does G_Solutions have references?

G_Solutions is a newly founded company, but for a third party reference you can read to the evaluation from BMW AG about Karl-H. Gaschka.

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Does g_solution has a company philosophy?

Yes, Never give up!

But we also admire the strategic and tactical principles of Sun Tzu, the Chinese General has written in his book “Art of War”. His remarks are more modern today than 2.500 years ago. He also sees efficiency as essential for successful warfare.

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G_Solutions mentioned Sun Tzu and his book “Art of War”.
What can we learn from this Chinese general?

His strategic principles of commitment, observation and preparation are the pillars for successful business operations.

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